L.E.N.S. -WINNERS! -Red, white & blue

Here are the winners for The LEarning Never Stops photo challenge-
Red, white & blue

1) The Family Trifecta

Beautiful shades of red, white and blue. It's art- the photo and the food!

2) Learning Laughter Love

-All the shades, and it's a craft they did! Beautiful and a creative direction. Loved it!


Next weekend's photo challenge, July 17th will be 'bokeh'. I will have a post tomorrow explaining what bokeh is, how to get it easily using your camera's settings, and I will have a link or two to other blogs explaining how to use your aperture settings to achieve beautiful bokeh- I'll also post a photo of two as examples.
*bokeh is a blurred background

thank you everyone for participating, I hope you all had a chance to visit around and see the great entries- we had some really wonderful photos shared.