L.E.N.S photo challenge, A love of reading

A Love of Reading

Welcome to the 1st edition of the LEarning Never Stops photo challenge. This week's photo topic is "A Love of Reading". Please enter your name and/or name of your blog- and then a direct link to your photo submission, not a link to your first page. Entries will stop at 10pm pacific time Sunday. Winners will be chosen Tuesday.

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Sharing what edits you made, if any, is welcomed!

For this photo, I cropped it in iphoto. Then, in photoshop elements, I used auto-contrast, and then changed the color curves slightly, lightening the highlights a bit, adjusting the mid-tones a smidge, and darkening the shadows slightly.

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Next weeks challenge topic will be "colors". Use your imagination to show learning involving colors, art projects with color, a photo learning related that has great color..something that shouts "color" to you.