Snapshot, a day of homeschooling

Our homeschool day today, Friday looked like this...

8:00 Teddy arrives, I am getting ready for the day, getting the littles breakfast, Meg takes the dog for a walk.

8:30 leave to take Meg to horse riding lesson, the littles have instructions to finish the 30 min. video they are watching and then to do something else, they play with playmobil

I return and school begins with the 4 youngest.

Character Study with the 3 littles, then they move on to Math-today they are doing Math skills work for their grades using Flashkids workbooks, I am giving them a Math-U-See holiday today. Then we do cursive handwriting, Language Arts workbook -using adjectives to make sentences more interesting, and phonics (explode the code).

Josie does Math-U-See on her own, today she has a test. Then she does a page in her Language Arts workbook- using prepositional phrases to make writing more interesting, and then she works with Literature using Mosdos Press. I work with her a bit on the assignment, explain terms a bit.

I leave to pick up Meg at her riding lesson, the littles do a bit of quiet reading and then go back to playmobil...Josie tackles her History reading assignments from her Sonlight core 6 program.

I get back with Meg, she tackles her Math-U-See work, her grammar work and then her independent History reading. I set the 3 littles down again with drawings they did yesterday from our history reading, and have them write a paragraph beneath the drawing describing what the picture is about-from the read aloud History book.

I make lunch, set up the table in the family room so the 4 youngest can eat lunch and watch an Eyewitnnes DVD on Butterflies and Moths that I got at the library. This will be the introduction for Science work we will be doing on Monday.

We are done for the day at lunch. The 2 older girls will still have some history reading and comprehension questions/vocabulary later in the day, Josie still has to do some spelling, but the 3 littles are done.

After lunch, I have promised to take the kids to Barnes & Nobles for hot chocolate and reading fun.

this is a snapshot of our day today, a bit of a light day, but not totally unusual.

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