Ca Highschool classes for your homeschool student

Recent public school upheavals, such as the recent San Juan Capistrano teacher strike, might have parents considering their family schooling options with new concern.

With high school students in the house, are you worried about a lack of support, or even worried about a disruption in their required coursework if another strike happens? Has your school district dropped classes your teen needs to apply to the college of their choice?

There are many different options in the California homeschool community to fit your family goals/needs. Among these are;

Academic classes for Jr. High and High School with courses taught at different locations in So. California (Orange County area). Classes such as Latin, Spanish, Chemistry, English and SAT prep are offered. Click on over to see a list of courses and locations. Some homeschool public school charter schools will accept these classes for credit, but because this is a private University, the charter schools cannot pay for the classes.
Partner school to CHEP, the county's homeschool charter school program.
WASC accredited, college prep that runs on a trimester schedule, located in Tustin.
UC approved, online, on-campus and hybrid courses offered.
This is a public school charter school.

  • Private Homeschool Umbrella school classes
several available, the programs I know of are;

  • Your highschool student may also take classes at a community college.

Your schooling options for your children are pretty broad, once you look past the public school in your area. To explore these options, call these programs with your questions, and/or go online to a homeschool message board and ask questions there; you will probably find parents who have used these programs or know of others.

Homeschoolers love to answer questions, so ask away. :)