Five Question Friday meme

My Little Life
Here goes:

1) Would you ever vacation alone?
No, not by choice. I prefer to have new/fun/interesting experiences with Sky. I hate doing anything neat and not sharing it with him, not being able to talk to him about it.

I can be brave and independent on occasion...I did travel alone to Singapore (got stranded in Japan overnight, even) because I wanted to visit my friend, Gracefulmom- and it was by far less expensive for one person to travel, rather than two...and, what would we have done with our kids?

2. Do you go the speed limit?

I am a good driver, and have never caused an accident.

3. Why did you start blogging/following blogs?
Well, years ago...I had heard about blogging but didn't really get it or get why anyone would read blogs. Then, on an online message board for homeschoolers, I heard about how a mom had been interviewed by a big paper about her blog. I was curious about what the fuss was all about and I clicked the link. Just wow! - What I found was not the online journal/diary I was expecting, but almost a family newsletter page. I really liked it. I started reading daily. It didn't take me long to make my own blog.

4. Where do you shop for yourself?

I tend to buy most of my clothes from J.Jill, Banana Republic, Gap. Mostly. I love Banana Republic but only buy things on's a little pricey. Who can put a price tag on trying on pants/jeans that don't make you burst into tears when you see your reflection though? Really?

5. What was the song you danced your first dance at your wedding?
It was "Heaven", and Sky picked it out, which made it special...having an actual opinion on something wedding related. We have several 'us' songs now, but one that I think says 'us' most is "when you say nothing at all".

Orchard Rd, Singapore -Spring, 2009
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