snapshots of Singapore

Singapore is very green.

And, um... an Island. A tropical Island.

This was my favorite street, Orchard Road.

It was my favorite for two reasons;

it is very picturesque (1) and
it's the main shopping drag (2)

any questions?

good, we will move on

Here is Orchard Rd., Singapore - a more crowded view.

Shopping, shopping. Everyone is shopping.

love it!

I just ignored that I couldn't afford to actually shop in most of the lovely stores on this road.... I didn't have bag envy,


I could afford the McDonalds.

I couldn't afford the Border's bookstore, but I purchased, only take a 22 hour flight once in a blue moon, so- what the heck? live a little...

Okay, the bread shops were not on Orchard Rd, but probably more 'real' Singapore.

It was a carbohydrate-addict's dream, really.
this one was in a mall. A mall we reached after riding the subway during after-work rush-hour.

I was only a smidgen traumatized. I suddenly discovered I might be a little claustrophobic. Or not, maybe only on crowded subways with an armpit in your face and a stranger's back pressed into yours.

maybe. I might only be theorizing this. So, how many times would one have to ride a crowded subway in Singapore to know as fact that you are claustrophobic?

it will have to remain a theory.