Sea World School and show your stuff quiz!

We were fortunate to attend a Sea World 'education day' last week. It is an opportunity for schools to visit the park and attend special educational exhibits for a discounted rate..and if you sign up for only a half-day, it's a very discounted rate.
(the kind of rate that makes me smile real, real big)

We opted for the half-day; the big draw for me is the thought of beating traffic home, and not having to buy lunch for 5 of us at the's McD's on the way home (and all the kids cheer!)

My favorite moment of the day was seeing the flamingos on parade! They were on their way to their exhibit spot. I know I am a bird person, always and forever because of the draw this event has on me. My favorite part of the day, hands-down.

There is something other-word-ly about seeing tall, colorful birds with their spindle-ly legs cruising down the pathway. I kind of felt like Richard Dryfus in that scene from Close Encounters of the third kind...the part where he walks up the ramp of the spaceship and all the aliens walk around him. Kind of. Is that a weird thought?? Don't answer that...

Amie's favorite spot was the stingray pool. You can feed them here for only $6 a tray...only..
But, secret is, they will love on you even if you don't have any food! They are very optimistic and will come visit in the hopes of getting food. Can you see how soaked Amie's shirt is here?

The stingray pool always puts a smile on my face because they act like a pool full of excited puppies. Puppies that are in the water, have no legs and are covered with a layer of slime...yes, just like puppies...kind of. They made me think of puppies the way they would rush up to you and pop out of the water, trying to get your attention. Very cute. In a fishy way.

Okay, time for a "Show Your Stuff" Quiz!
Answer the quiz questions correctly in the comment section and
1 random correct commenter will win a $20 Target card. I hope you will spend it on yourself, after all this holiday rush is over!

1. Which scientific order do seals and sea lions belong to?

2. Penguins live only on Antarctica, True or False?

3. why are flamingos pink?

4. What non-sea animal has an exhibit at Sea World, San Diego?

good luck!

*contest ends Wednesday, December 16th at 9 p.m. pacific time

p.s. you are welcome to use internet 'help', but if you can do this with no help, mention it in the post and we will cheer for your smartness!! ;)

*special note: if you are not linked thru a blog, please leave an email address I can reach you at if you win.

**new note: Contest is over, Michelle won!!