Sea World school part 2

you can read the first half of this trip *here.

So, a good time was had by all during our Sea World educational-day field trip.
The kids loved, loved the dolphin pool. They have a really nice set-up at Sea World, you can touch the dolphins in this pool, and they have two underwater windows for better viewing.
Aww, aren't they cute? Too cute to be legal, don't you think? Cute like lots of sugar....

Do you think they are $6 a tray of fish cute? They have a few special feeding times where you can purchase a tray of food for $6 and feed your new friends. I tried to economize and purchased just 2 trays to share among my 4 kids. Do the math, this was $12
There were 3 small sardine fish in each tray, which worked out to $2 a fish. I warned the kids to be very careful and not let the sea gulls steal one...because it's like, $2 for each little fish....
So, do the dolphins look cute and happy? Yes they are happy, because they get expensive fish...!
(ranting aside, I get it...if they were reasonably priced then everyone and their grandma would feed the dolphins many trays of fish and we'd have fat dolphins..I do get it. It's just, yikes!)
We had beautiful, beautiful weather on this day...which was the day after a big rain-storm in So. California. A bit chilly, but beautiful!
We purchased the half day tickets so I could beat traffic home (it's about a 2 hour trip) and so we could stop for McDonald's happy meals on the way home...instead of buying lunch in the park. And the children were all rendered HAPPY! :) and mom was happy because it was not...all together now,...$2 a fish!