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I ventured out with the kids to Sea World today. Sea World hosts an 'education day' of sorts, we were able to go for a 1/2 day for a really super-cheap price. Sea World's education days are the only reason we are ever able to take all the kids. I love, love, love Sea World. Photos coming in another post...

So, I get home around 4:30...take two advils and crawl into bed for a nap. Anemia, the gift that keeps on giving...

anyways, I wake up to discover that Sky went out and got pizza for dinner. (had no real dinner planned because Sky was going to Bible Study with Meg and Josie and I was staying home with the littles- we trade weeks for going)

So, I walk into the kitchen and say to Sky,

"cool, I take a nap, wake up and there's pizza for dinner and my kitchen is magically cleaned! My life rocks!"

Sky replies,

"it must be because you have great hair..."

He mocks me.
But it's true, I just had my hair done, and it is great. So there.