Summer is done!

Okay, panic has set in, I have less than two weeks to organize and plan for the new homeschool year! Where did my summer go?? It was just here where I left it,...what happened?
-Where did my super planning and feng shui go? I was going to wake up and magically be the new and improved, utra-efficient, ultra organized home-school mom...and lose weight, become super-fit and become self-actualized.
cue angels singing...
I guess I will go to plan B and just try to get my Sonlight core 6 shelved. It's been a few months now since I opened the box...Core 2 will be arriving soon and then I will have even more to shelve!

This summer has been very full and topsy-turvy. I had my trip to Singapore, then we took the kids to Boston, then we got Emma the wonder-labradoodle, hosted people for the Bible conference, went to the fair, registered Meg for a classes for high school at a private homeschool group, sent Meg to Bible Camp in Canada!, decided very last minute to join a
Classical homeschool group and teach a class there.. no-less and had a surprise visit from the local truant officer. Fun, fun, fun! I had to do a 3 day teacher training for the new group in LA...I don't like driving thru took me a few days to recover from that!

Summer-lov'in...happened so fast....

I am really excited about our new Classical group, I think it is going to be a really good year for us, the kids are going to memorize lots of important and good stuff and have fun doing science experiments and art activities. The other teacher-moms are all very nice, I haven't been this excited about a group in a long time. They have some really impressive stuff for the older kids, logic, Socratic discussion, essay writing...I'm kind of hoping we can fold Meg into this group next year..we'll have to see how it would fit into the classes she is involved with right now.

On the starting school front, I actually have all the books I need, except for the
Sonlight Core 2, which is the second half of Ancient World History- for Demi, Amie and Teddy. We have all our math, LA, Latin, far I am thinking of building around the science we will be doing in our Classical group, we will see how that goes.

How's school planning going for all of you?