Practically Perfect in every way

I think we really lucked out in the dog department. She is such a delight, and very few faults. Okay, partly luck, and partly research. She's a labradoodle, we picked this breed because labs are known to be great family dogs, love children, are happy, love to play..tho they can get a little goofy and hard to control in the midst of a bout of excitement - so, in comes the standard poodle part...very smart, calm, quiet. The non-shedding was an added plus. Our Emma is actually more poodle, she has a labradoodle mom and a standard poodle dad.

what you get is Emma-doodle

who is doodle-icious.

okay, I'll stop....
But not before I leave you with this. This is my favorite part of her, except the nose. I can't decide if I like her big paddies or her big nose best. Right now, the paddies are winning.