Sunday post


THIS is a feast for my eyes! The only way he could have made this entrance any better would have been to balance a bag of Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate chips, a homeschool curriculum catalog of some kind, and a Pride & Prejudice dvd right on top of the diet coke there....

Let's see, we've got my leading man, Sky...check! Faded construction-guy jeans..check! Construction-guy work-boots...check! A case of diet coke, drink of the gods...check!

it was a really, really good day.

The puppy litter we are waiting on was born April 1st. Did I already tell you that? We were the 3rd family asking for a female puppy, and there was 3 females and 5 males. We are waiting to find out if we will be getting a black or creme puppy. I am trying hard to not develop a preference! They are supposed to be able to come home around June 25th. We are all very, very excited...and yet, I feel very close to how I feel when I am very pregnant- this panicky feeling of 'oh no, what have I done? I can't dooo this! I can't un-do this!', now's the point when you all tell me you've had that feeling before too, and that I'm uh, normal...!

a-hem, where was I? oh, yes, puppies! I am really glad that the Obama family chose a portuguese water dog, I didn't even realize that Labradoodle was in the running until I read it on a news article. If they had gotten a Labradoodle, it would have made them very 'in' dogs- and then hard to get, and very expensive. Whew! Soo, First Family, A water dog...good choice!! Applaud!

My box day came, and went. I was at Irish dance class and missed the fed ex truck, which was just as well, the delivery guy was spared thinking a crazy mom lived here... So, my beautiful mountain of books sits on our little table...and they are still there, because Sky and I got terrible colds and have been incapacitated all weekend. So, I will be putting them away, uh, tomorrow.
Meg and Josie have begged several times to be allowed to start in on a few of the books- lovely, lovely Sonlight moment to have! I said 'no books for you!!" in my best soup-nazi voice. They read so fast that I don't want them to zip though the core and then not be interested when the assignment comes up...

a small political rant here, (indulge me, since I rarely get political on the blawg here...) I cannot think of very many things that make a mild-mannered homeschool mom spitting, fighting mad, then to be at a drug-store, late at night, and to have to hand over your driver's license..have them enter in your information, as well as swipe the strip on the back...and then have you sign for it...all because you have sick people in your house and need to buy some Sudafed!! I can't believe our state legislature wasted their time crafting such a foolish bill. Oh wait, they also made it impossible for me to buy an asthma nebulizing machine..except thru one authorized dealer who now charges 4 times what it retails for in other, yes, I guess I can believe they did this. Oh my stinking blue jays!!! I gotta stop now!....

oh yes, I will be at the Tea Party April 15th!!!! I'll be the mad, red-haired homeschool mom on a bike with 4 kids....wearing lipstick.... throwing cold medicine....
*here's a link to the facebook page for the OC Tea Party

okay, rant over...please excuse me, whew!

We are on Spring Break this week!! How about you?

have a good week, blawg friends!