Mix and match

First order of business is Spring Poppies. I had to post these for Karen Sue, who is in the Eastern--still cold, part of the country. Here is a Spring shout-out for you!

And then, this- is enough to make my heart skip a beat every single time I see them do this. It's a pretty steep drop, the photo almost does it justice. I'm sure there is a skater-term for this here skill, I just don't know what it is...
And then, I had to share a pic of Elsie...the girls regularly take over parts of Sky's garage. Nevermind that Sky built them very similar nesting boxes in the chicken coop, for actual nesting. They ignore those and lay eggs in various secret locations. Everyday is an egg hunt here, which is kind of fun.

We are enjoying bee-yuu-tee-full weather here in So. Ca- the kids are playing in roving packs outside...it's actually a roving homeschool pack, a novelty. This year the family across the street pulled their kids from school and began homeschooling- we now have 3 families homeschooling on our little street. I never dreamed we would have neighbors who homeschool- well, I hoped, but didn't really think it was so likely. I am loving it!

The puppies are hee-ah! (I keep channeling my inner Cruella Deville when I think/say that!) The litter we are waiting on was born April 1st. There were 8 puppies, 3 are girls- and we are the 3rd family on the list for a girl. 2 puppies are black, and 1 is creme colored...one family requested a black puppy, so we don't know which we will be getting. It's very exciting. I don't know which I'd prefer, and I'm afraid to have a preference..so we will just have to see what we get. I am busy reading books on puppy training, and enjoying leaving things on the floor while I can.

And, Pioneer Woman's cookbook is available for pre-order over at Amazon!!
PW, you rock.

Now, most important- I am sitting here waiting for the Fedex truck to bring me my Sonlight order. Today is box day!! I looove getting packages in the mail. I love the anticipation of hearing the UPS or Fedex truck roll to a stop in front of my house...and the hold your breath moment of "is it something for me?". I love, love, love it. It's the major reason I order anything online. I need an intervention, maybe?

So, back to my story- today is boxday, and I know that my order is coming today, thanks to the miracle of modern tracking technology...soooo, I am afraid to leave my house lest I miss the truck rolling to a stop in front of my house. Sky just offered to go to the store for me, to pick up chicken for dinner, because he knows it will kill me if I get back and the truck has come and gone.
I know, I need an intervention.

Just another day at Club Jen.