Spring Break!

It's spring break here at Home!

So, what does that look like? A bit of exciting mixed with just hanging out...

Here is part of the crew on Monday, having lunch at Rubios. Hey, when
you have to buy for 5 kids...eating out is exciting!
(long gone are the days when 2 kids would share a small burger...now they all desire their very own kid's meal...sigh.)

We went bowling at the super-swank, uber-expensive bowling alley near us. I weighed the cost vs. going farther to an unknown alley, and the weird smells/icky shoes...and caved and went to the cool alley.

Surprise bonus, they are running a special this week, lunch and bowling, for much less than usual. Very cool. We already had lunch. Not cool. They gave us dessert instead, very cool!

My new i phone takes great photos, unfortunately they are small... live and learn!

Happy Spring, Everyone!!

Bonus links for today:

*Susan Boyle- I loove an under-dog! Click over to watch a roomful of patronizing young things drop their jaws, it's a sweet moment.

*When jumping-jacks fail...what happens when your kids are deprived of group P.E. classes... (click over, you will have a good laugh!)