The Home crew went on a little field trip, we joined the National Tea Party. We were able to bike to downtown, which worked- out wonderfully.
*Notice Amie's civic-fortitude on the far left of this photo...

I love this flag! Texas just embodies what American freedom and independence are all about.

I am pretty proud of the composition of this photo, it just works.
Totally an accidental shot, but I am still proud of it...

The crowd was very well-behaved, the signs were fun, lots of people dressed-up. I captured a lot of fun pics for my fb page. Meg was captivated by the bevy of mounted police folk...she went over and chatted with them. (they looked very bored, with such a tame crowd)
-I guess I can count that as career planning. She discovered one of the horses is stabled at the stable she works at, the policewoman thought she recognized Meg.

A sign of our times, perhaps, or most likely a sign of how little I think of televised media...when I got home I checked FB and googled to see what was going on with the Tea Parties nationally, but it did not even occur to me to turn on the t.v. news. Maybe not having a t.v. for 6 years contributed to that, too. I just thought that was really funny, when in the evening, Sky finally switched on the cable networks.

I enjoyed hearing about the tea bags thrown over the fence at the White House, hee-hee. The new national security's report calling we peaceful protestors possible right-wing terrorists was very insulting and maddening. A reminder to not think too hard about politics, eh?

We are currently reading Johnny Tremain, in anticipation of our up-coming trip to Boston with the kids! We haven't gotten to the Boston Tea Party yet, but I am really excited about all the connections that will surely follow.

Well, that is my excitement for the year...

How was your tax-day?