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The Homeschool Blog Awards are going on right now. You can go on over and vote for your favorite blogs until November 21st. It's a good place to go visit and find some new favorite homeschool blogs, too.

Frog and Toad are Still friends grades O Magazine's Christmas gift list. Skewers'll love it.
(hat tip to Melissa!) I don't know why I bother to read lists like that, and the one in Real Simple magazine-makes me feel like I must be missing something, or that I am much, much poorer than I thought.

*Yesterday, while I was having our meeting with our charter school teacher..Meg and Josie were busy in the other room experimenting with stop action animation. They did a little story with the play mobile figures that live permanently in my living room. It came out really, really cute. I will share it if I can figure out how to get it into imovie. The photo above is from the last scene.

*We are heading today for the skateboard park...homeschool's cool, don't you know!