House of rock

Demi is my dreamer. For years he has been intrigued by wishes in different forms. He asks me about wishes, which forms of wishing works best...(praying, a dandelion, a falling star...) and in general is busy figuring it all out.

Lately he has been asking about four leaf clovers. Friday as I was busy working on something, he began on the questions...I encouraged him to go look for some, confident that search would keep him busy for many, many minutes. I was pretty sure he would be busy for a long time because I've never found a four leaf clover... Not even ten minutes later, he came running in with one!

"Good job, baby- now go buy mommy a lottery ticket..."

Sunday nights at our house, we have the Bible college boys over for dinner and just to hang out. They live in a really strict dorm environment, with inspections and cafeteria food. They like to come over and unwind.

Sometimes they really unwind....

We had some kind of fantasy role-play game going on all evening...complete with kidnapped princesses, knights and grenades.

Here is one company about to launch an attack on the enemy's lair...

The grenades were my favorite part, they were a blob of legos. Someone would pop off the 'pin' (a lego) and then throw the remaining blob into the would "explode" and legos would go flying.

My little ones took no prisoners...

Here's a shot of the general chaos of the game.

Notice our friend Jesse on the couch trying to read.

This game was raging around 10 p.m.

I'm wondering what the neighbors thought...

We have a lot of fun at our house.