We are making our slow way through Noeo Physics II curriculum. My honest assessment; the jury is still out. We enjoyed week 1, it had a good mix of reading from two different living-type science books and experiments. Week 2 was taken from the experiment book only-and seemed un-inspiring and not supported through other reading. We decided to skip week 2 and move into week 3, which again seemed to have a nice mix of reading and experiments. You can see from the photo above, that the subject was heat energy.

This week I have been working with the 3 youngest students on narrative writing. I do admit that my big shortcoming as a homeschool-mom is not demanding a lot of writing output from my younger kids. The above photo shows the kind of writing I usually ask for at the younger ages. Because 2 of them are boys, and the act of using a pencil seems to be particularly tiresome for them...I admit I let them off pretty easy. I rely much on verbal questions and answers, and on verbal narration (the child telling back the story or lesson in their own words, or even borrowing some of the words of the author).

For our new charter school program, I need to turn in a writing sample for each of the kids. Amie's was easy, as a first grader- she needs to draw a picture and write one or two sentences. The two boys however, need to turn in one to three paragraphs of a narrative work, with pre-writing. I have to say, it was hard work getting one complete paragraph from them. I was very pleased with the product they turned out..but I don't know if it will satisfy the assignment.
Meg and Josie write almost everyday for fun, they are working on novels..their assignment was a no -brainer, my only difficulty was in reinging in the length...

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