New homeschool year- start in progress

Today is our official first day back at homeschooling. We've had a really productive first day, we tackled handwriting, math, character study (for the littles) and history. Meg already practiced her violin, the 2 older girls did their grammar already.

We jumped in to get all this done, so we could go to the skate-board-park by 10 a.m. (it was more like 10:30 when we finally rolled in, but it was good.) We've just had a lunch break and then we need to finish up a couple more subjects, and then we are going to go swimming.

Homeschooling in's a good thing. ;)

I don't have quite all my subjects in hand for today, -it's a Jenny thing, don't ask... in a characteristic procrastinator type move- I found a few new curricula I am now eyeing for this year..

I was planning on going with Calvert Spelling, it's on the computer, I'm busy...what's not to like? Except I am still having issues with the disk they sent me spring of last year, and the second disk they sent, visiting around blogland I stumbled onto All about Spelling. It looks very well done, a little more parts to it then I was looking for- but it looks like it would teach spelling in a really superior way. I also took a peek at Noeo Science, something I have noticed mentioned now and again over on a homeschool board I frequent; but somehow I was never really interested. Sky has promised to do Science with the kids, and this looks like something he would enjoy teaching- it has lots of hands-on experiments.

Curriculum-lust- it's an on-going problem with me....

I have to give a shout-out to Kel over at Fawkes Academy, she has a really nice homeschool blog, and she does great weeks-in-review. I found these two curriculum picks by reading her blog.

well, gotta run- lunch break is over.