Sleeping loft progress

Progress on the kid's sleeping loft marches on.
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Here is Sky in the midst of mudding and sanding the drywall.
We have dust everywhere...through the whole my closet even. I shed a tear or two and then get out the mop.

Here is Sky putting on a primer coat of paint.

I can't paint a wall even close to passable. I accept that and move on...and pick out the colors and let Sky do it.

I painted the girl's room pink when we moved in...

Pink was voted off the island....

They asked for something "forest-y"...what the heck am I supposed to do with that?? I opted for green and blue. They also wanted sponge-painting like I had done in their room in
our old house...I'm going to try to rag one wall with blues and greens and browns. I haven't figured out which wall or walls yet, it's a zen thing...the inspiration will hit soon.
Sky thinks the inspiration needs to move this week, but I tell him "peace out"...these things can't be rushed..I'm an artist.

Some people are do-ers, like Sky- the construction man..and then others are artists like myself, who think up creative things to do and never get around to them.

Sky will just give me that look until I do it.

We make a good team.

Here's the loft and the laminate floor Sky is installing. He is a constructive artist of sorts...but he also has this weird love for plywood. He was going to put plywood on the floor. He re-assured me when I looked horrified at this, that he would
sand it smooth and paint it. I rained on his parade and told him that plywood is for temporary, emergency boarding up broken windows and such...not a permanent, finished solution.
He remains unconvinced. But, he went out and bought me some Pergo.
He's a good man.

Here are Sky and Demi-Sky putting in the railing. I want natural birch twigs for the railing and ladder....we are having trouble finding a wood store that carries this. I will continue to dream.
When I find it, I plan to have Sky rip this out and replace it.

Shh..don't tell him.