First day homeschool, fall 2008

Our first day back for home-school 2008 was a success. We hit the books hard in the morning, completing handwriting, math, grammar and a character story.

The kids were very co-operative, so we could get out to the skate-park. It was wonderfully deserted- compared to the crowded/crazy conditions during the summer.

It's P.E. - I love that.

We ended up at Border's bookstore afterward for some cold chocolate milk and reading fun.

It got a little wild in the puppet area.

Her creative stories are a little too realistic sometimes...
-Mr. Squirrel, who was playing the part of Mr. hedgehog...met his demise. Darn food-chain!

We went home for lunch and then finished up a few subjects- History and phonics. We are doing Headsprout phonics this year, it is an on-line program...and I have to say, we finally have a winner. I looove it.

For History, we are using Tapestry of Grace- our assignment for today was reading about the Indus Valley in the Usborne Encylopedia of the Ancient World. It didn't go over very well with the littles...
I found it really dry, also.
Wednesday, I tackled it using Story of the World- much more interesting and memorable.

Once we were done, we headed over to my parent's pool for some summer-time fun.

And, I counted it as P.E.
(just between you and me, 'kay? - they thought they were just having fun...)

Here we are, ending the evening at
B.J.'s Pizza. - Awesome Chicago style pizza!

Our bonus student, Teddy is on the far left-and his mom is sitting next to me.

We had a great first day back, and I actually got most of my record-keeping done, too;