Growing with Grammar-Show and tell

Here's a new homeschool show and tell, I haven't done one in a while... I thought I would share a program I started using mid-year and really, really like.

Growing with Grammar is a gentle, no-frills program that is designed to be used independently by your students. I love, love, love this fact. I am homeschooling 5 kids...I just can't be all things to all people, and I only have so much time in the day to teach 'one on one'.

I ordered this for my two older students last year, in the middle of the year when Josie was in 5th grade and Meg in 7th. Each lesson is presented in the Student Manual, and is written expressly for the student- not scripted for mom. The lessons are very clear, to the point, and gentle. For each lesson presented in the student manual, there is a corresponding lesson in the student workbook. For grammar now, my students grab both books and get to work, I have a small answer key on a shelf. No more teacher book with test key, answer key, oral work, flashcards and student workbook. Whew! Too many parts wore me out when trying to use other programs.
Growing with Grammar is clear and basic grammar and does teach diagramming. The web-site has a thorough listing of subjects covered for each level and great sample pages you can click- on. The student book is spiral bound on the top, for ease of use for left-handed students.
The work pages are just the right length and when a subject is reviewed, the page is given so the student can check the manual if needed.

This program is a definite keeper in our homeschool. I will be starting my younger 3 students on it mid-year this year after finishing up First Language lessons, which is a very gentle- mostly verbal grammar.