Harvard-wear, you mileage may vary

Sky is racking up many adventures in his Harvard shirt. Remember our trip to Boston in the fall? We stayed in Harvard square, toured the college, hung out...we really liked the school and the area.

I will share with you a peek at our dorkiness,
Sky and I like to joke about our "Harvard days" now...about our favorite burger place at Harvard, buying books at the coop, you get the idea.
We do just joke amongst ourselves, it's our goofy inside family joke stuff, like the barefoot kids in New Zealand.

Sky bought a Harvard shirt at the coop ( I bought a "Harvard bookstore" shirt and wear it with my p.j.'s...thinkin of the WTM boards, snort! you WTMer's get it, don't you??..!)

A month or two ago Sky was at Costco with the kids and the checkout guy was pretty enthusiastic about Sky's Harvard lacrosse team shirt..He asked Sky if he went to Harvard.
Sky told him, "no, I just went there for vacation." The guy laughed and kind of did a guy-punch-in-the-arm-thing, "yeah riight, good one!!" He totally thought Sky was just joking around and being coy, I guess. Sky could not convince him of the truth.

Last week Sky was visiting an elementary school, doing his building inspector stuff...
he walked into a classroom, trying not to interrupt...but all the kids turned around to stare at him. "Hey, mister! Did you go to Harvard?!", a little boy asked. Sky paused a half second warring between the impulse to be truthful against the need to not be a big distraction with his long, drawn-out answer of how he got the shirt.

Sky answered, "As a matter of fact, son- I did! And, you can too, if you study hard, stay in school and listen to your teacher!" The teacher looked on, beaming ear-to-ear. I think he could have gotten a gold star out of her.

told you we are dorks.