Our trip to Boston

So, where do I begin in sharing about our adventure? This was our first trip to the east coast- I did visit Vermont once, by myself with a 12 month old baby. I didn't see much between naps. And I was pregnant, I napped too.

Picture study in front of the Harvard Coop, in Harvard Square. We actually stayed in Cambridge this visit.

One of the students gave us a tour of Harvard.
This is the exit out of one of the gates. I don't
know Latin, but I think it says "Truth" at the top, then "Christ and the Church". We were so impressed by Harvard, and charmed by the town of Cambridge and impressed by the
Harvard Students. We were there the week before they began "shopping for classes", and we
witnessed many interesting sights- several
couches carried down the street, microwaves,
pots and pans, a television, mattresses...we were surrounded by dorms in Harvard square. I was most impressed by the the modesty in dress I saw exhibited by the students, it was refreshing.

Here we stopped for lunch on Boston Harbor.
I had the best clam chowder I have ever had.

"One, if by land, and two, if by sea".
This is Sky in front of the Old North Church
and the famous steeple where
Paul Revere's lanterns hung to warn the country
of the British troop's movements.
At 191 feet, it was Boston's tallest steeple and
is Boston's oldest standing church building.
It is still used as a church today, we were able to
go inside.
(yes, I got Sky to ham it up for me, he is so obliging...)

So, how did we end up in Boston? We'll, it's kind of an interesting story... Sky was looking around for cheap air fare to far-away places, and found some. We ruled out Ireland, it would have gotten expensive, we were looking for somewhere interesting to visit, and somewhere we could blend with the Church. We decided on Boston because two young Brothers in the Church- who we have had the pleasure of having over to our house every Sunday night for 2 years- were going to Boston to serve full time on the campuses there. We purchased our cheap tickets and made plans to visit them this fall. Funny thing happened as our trip got closer, the boys were sent to Texas for training first...and were still there when we began seriously planning for our trip- er, to see them!

We decided this was a good time to not only visit with the Church in Cambridge, see Boston, but to make new friends too. We were so blessed to be offered hospitality with a sweet couple who are serving full time in Cambridge. We met the students this couple minister to, and attended an evening fellowship of students they have in their home every week. We had dinner one night with another incredible couple, the husband who also labors serving the students on the campuses. It was a really sweet time, we feel like they are all family now. Our new friends in Cambridge are hopefully going to come stay with us this winter for our Winter Bible conference.

"By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another."
-John 13:35

life is an adventure, that is why we hold hands.