a day (and night) in the life of homeschool mom

So, where do I start?

Last night, at around 3 A.M., Meg (age 12) came barreling into our room. She had a nightmare. She very anxiously begs to sleep with us. We have a queen size bed, if you are bigger then a 1 year old...it's just not going to happen. She then begs to sleep on our floor.

It's a hard-wood floor.

My negotiation/comprehension skills are not at a peak at this moment in time (remember, my head seems to hit my pillow at around midnight), somehow she ends up camped out on our floor with several blankets.

4 A.M. - The cat comes in to meow at me, so I will let him outside (it's a nightly/early morning date with us).
Meg screams and jumps 3 feet in the air, becoming frightened all over again, slightly hysterical. I try (very groggily) to calm her down and soothe...but I end up laughing.

8:30 A.M. Marshalling the troops to get out the door for standardized testing day.
*Lunches made- check.
*Nutritious snacks packed- check.
*Nutritious breakfast made and consumed by kids-check.
*Reading books packed to entertain if they finish early-check

*Kids dressed/combed/clean, ready to head out the door...

hold the fort

- Meg and Demi both find that their sneakers are still soaked through after a big balloon fight the evening before. Seems they forgot to mention that detail to mom. Meg goes to look for another pair of shoes...Demi usually exists with one pair of shoes.

One pair.
I mentally run the possibility of running out to Target to buy him new shoes and still making it to the testing in time.

Sky declares he will have to go barefoot.

I mentally imagine myself showing up with a pack of children, two barefoot, one with a broken arm, and one dressed in her notoriously mis-matched cheetah clothing.

We bandy around the idea of telling everyone at the learning center that we are doing a unit study on New Zealand, and that the kids are experiencing going to school barefoot just like the kids do there.

I nix it, remembering that Demi has a pair of sandals from last summer that still fit. Sort of.

Crisis over.

Mommy needs a drink (regardless that I don't drink)

it's all about the glamour, here in the O.C.