Spa day for hens and other ramdom thoughts

Meg had an orchestra concert a few days ago, I snapped this photo of some of the young people getting ready to go on stage.

Meg is a little right of center.

Sky and the kids are preparing the garden for planting. The hens are trying to help. They have actually been officially banned from the garden for the rest of the season. Sky just put up new and improved bird netting. We are still waiting to see if it will truly be hen-proof.

The hens are waiting outside the net for stray worms to be thrown their way. The kids are happy to oblige.

I was happily puttering around inside, my philosophy is to be a "Jane Austin gardener".
I plan and order seeds and then let Sky know where I would like them. It's a mutually agreeable understanding.

But, ah-ha!! If you notice details, you will see this photo was taken a day later...after the official opening of our garden season. And yet, we have hens in the garden!

This was actually Sky's idea of a day spa for hens,
they were out in the front scratching around to their heart's content- and were chased by a big stray dog. Upset hens are, well, upset hens.
Sky has a soft side on occasion, the day spa for hens is proof. He wanted to cheer them up.