Valentine's day coloring and such for the littles

My two littles; Demi-Sky and Amie are busy cutting out heart shapes and pestering me for candy.
Saturday we went to a local teacher supply store that does a craft every weekend, and they made cute little valentine bags.

We read this book by National Geographic together. I guess it finally dawned on Demi what the fuss was all about with this holiday, and he got an idea of what goes on in schools with all the Valentine-ing, candy, parties and decorated boxes to collect it all in. It's probably hard for those of you neck-deep in this school-time day of activities to fathom this...but we usually don't pay it any attention.

Demi has asked me twice now, very concerned: "Well, mommy, who's going to be around to give us candy?" (notice no mention of the cards, candy is the important word here...)
So I had to tell him, "Well now Demi, who loves you?"
Demi: "You do, Mommy."
Me: "Well then, who do you think is going to get you candy?"
He seemed pretty satisfied with that.

They are busy making a few cards to give the neighbors, my trick of folding a paper in half and cutting out a heart has elevated me to genius level in their eyes.

Here are a few links to coloring sheets, cards and what not...if you are looking for that type of stuff:

Valentine Cat coloring page (how many hearts do you see?)
Bookmarks Heart border paper
ABC Teach Valentine's day page

Valentine's day coupon card

Dinosaur valentine card sets to color

Maybe ignorance is bliss... poor Charlie Brown, do you remember the part about him waiting for his decorated valentine box to be filled? Couldn't we all relate to that feeling?

Wishing you love every day, not just February 14th!!