Jedi, mice and rockets- oh my!

Can you guess where I took the littles on Friday?

No, not the swiss alps.

We've been saving up to get the family annual Disneyland passes- and this was our inaugural visit.

Can you believe that we live fairly close to Disneyland, and yet we have never taken our two youngest? They have gone to the park once before, but it was with their grandparents.

The first thing Demi and Amie wanted to do was ride the horse-pulled trolley down mainstreet.

We spotted Mary Poppins, Amie asked me if
it really was the 'real' Mary Poppins. I looked
her in the eye and said, "of course it was the
real Mary Poppins". She looked at me a moment
as she considered...and then her face overspread
with a look first of amazement and then of
wonderment and satisfaction. I loved that look!
Childhood is so sweet to me because of the
endless possibilities and the endless magic.

The next ride was the rockets. I took one look and asked/told them they would go by themselves, but mommy would wait in line with them. Then I saw the sign that said Amie would need an adult to accompany I went.

I will never do that again! (I get dizzy sitting
on a swing!) Demi wanted to go on
Star Tours next, but that ride makes me slightly
motion-sick on a good day, there was no-way
no-how I would survive it after the rockets..
"Hey, who wants a drink?!" Distraction is a
magical mommy tool... While we were getting
drinks, the Jedi training show began, Demi
was very excited by this, tho it had already started so he was not part of it (maybe next trip),
it was really cute and well-done. Re-tellings of this show make up most of their talk about our day.

It was a short day for us, we boarded the monorail back to DisneyWalk and then picked up a happy meal at McDonalds...

This last photo is of Amie on the Rockets ride.