Barbie was right, math IS hard

Today I was helping a little friend with his 2nd grade public school math, here is the problem in the photo...

I was kind of at a loss, clearly the 3 ways show the same number- because it is fact...but how is a second grader supposed to explain that in writing?

And because we can have Huh? moments in homeschool 2nd grade math, too...
Here is a puzzler from Demi's math today:

Jenna ordered four fish sandwiches and one hamburger. How many sandwiches did she order in all?

Mommy thought the answer was 4 - since clearly it was stated there were 4 sandwiches and 1 hamburger.

Demi was of the opinion that the answer was 5 - because a hamburger has 2 pieces of bread and a filling in between.

Clearly this needed much more discussion and polling of opinion. Luckily, I had the solution manual and I could look up the answer and deduct from the correct answer whether or not the author agreed a hamburger was a sandwich, or if he thought it was its own food group. Because, clearly such an opinion is needed before doing a math problem.
I wasn't so lucky with the public school math, I have no solution manual and therefore have no idea what they wanted the 2nd grader to write, beside that it is true.

clearly mom has a headache now.

I hate math.

Clearly, the only rational thing to do was to put away the books and build houses with the manipulatives. Houses with pools.

So, is Barbie thus proved to be more philosopher than dumb blonde? Write and explain your answer...