tv land

We are taking the jump, it seems. We've been t.v. -less for a little more than 5 years, and we just got cable again. When I say t.v.-less, I should probably explain...we do have a small t.v. unit for our son's wii (and for the Bible school boys to play wii on) and we play dvd's and videos on it from the library for the kids. It's one of those little, portable sets, nothing exciting. We can also watch dvd's on my computer, which we do once in a great while- hubby and I are just too busy mostly to sit down and watch anything.

So, hubby discovered if we purchase one of those cable bundles...internet, phone and cable- we'd only spend $10 more a month then we were already spending on phone and internet. And, we'd get animal planet- which my kids adore. And, hubby wouldn't have to stalk the homes of relatives and friends for a place to watch superbowl-like he has had to do in the past.

It was installed Wednesday evening. We have it hooked up to my computer monitor, which is really nice and hd and all that. It was off all day until Thursday evening after dinner when Sky turned on Animal Planet.

I'm thinking I didn't like the result. At the time we had Meg and Josie sitting at the big table working on memory work. Amie was busily drawing and coloring with bird stencils. Demi-Sky was in his room playing the wii. As soon as Animal Planet came on, there was a rush from all parts of the house, and then 4 kids sitting around the monitor- big eyed and silent- watching.

Sky and I had a discussion after witnessing this...and decided it would only be on at the end of the week as a reward for getting through our schoolwork. One good thing is the dvr thingy...we can forward through commercials (in the past we would turn it off, now we can just forward thru.)

I am actually excited to have the History channel now. (and I'll admit to my internet friends that I've always been curious to see a super nanny show-or whatever you call it...shhh!!!)

big changes happening here.