I want to be a clone

Tonight, we came home from a date-night - which pretty much follows this format...

Dinner-Barnes & Nobles-home

anyway, we came home and found Demi-Sky (8) and Amie (almost 6) busy drawing and writing in homemade booklets. They were so proud of their work, eager to show us, and Demi waxed eloquent in his professions of great love and appreciation for us. The booklets (stapled on the wrong side) were likewise full of love for mom and dad, and- promises of doing various chores for us, such as making the bed and doing the dishes.
Kind of cool.

conversation we heard as they were getting into their beds...

Amie: "I'm going to promise to make mommy and daddy's bed for 3 days in a row."

Demi: "well, I'm going to promise to make it for 7 days!"

Amie: "I take mine back then, I'm going to make their bed for 10 days!!"

Who are you, and what did you do with my real children?