Anemia Diaries part something...

My Wordless Wednesday was put up kind of late this week, I really hate it when I end up past the first 100 entries over at the WW hub...this week I was something like #510. Well, I didn't get my photo posted because I was just dog-gone tired and cranky last night. Sky could tell you, but I know he won't because he is just a stellar guy like that.

So why the uber-cranky mommy?? Uh, because when Sky is gone I fall apart- and he and Meg and Josie were gone for 9 days on a trip. They went to Washington State to visit our close-heart friends in Seattle, and then they went to the eastern part of the state to visit the family who stayed with us in December, and then over to Sky's brother's family. I didn't go, because- biggest reason- the cold. Since I know I have Raynaud's disease- I have a good reason to stay away from snow. And it makes me cranky. And it makes me cry.

So, I digressed there, didn't I? Anyways, when Sky is gone I basically live on chocolate, bagels and chips with melted cheese- and stay up till the wee hours of the morning because I cannot sleep with him gone. My strategy is to stay up till about 2 a.m. then pass out into a deep sleep.
So, it was a recipe for iron- pill- taking disaster. Now I'm cranky and tired. So, now back to my iron pill taking...while he was gone I was only taking one a day. It just helps somehow, as I reach for my 3rd diet see him lift an eyebrow at me, so I put it back and pour a glass of cranberry/water- which is more conducive for vitamin/iron taking-

They had a wonderful time, spent quality time with our heart friends and their kids...they met some new homeschool families, and went sledding. Meg and Josie saw their first snow-fall.
Sky was treated to lots of/and really good food, cooked up by his brother. Good times all around, the two littles did lots of fun stuff with me. Meg and Josie seemed taller and older to me when they returned for some reason.

good times all around. oh, and I got to rent chick-flicks. :)