Sunday night ponderings and CM links

Photo of Sky, Meg and Josie with friends up in Eastern Washington, overlooking the Kamiak Butte. I think, or on the Kamiak Butte, not sure. I don't actually know what a Butte just looks like a neat landscape photo of lots of snow to me...and cold.

We had the bible school boys over tonight, (called the Full-time training) they have been on winter break- it was nice to have the house full again. They just finished their first week of the term, it's called the "pre-training week" and is a really intense week-from before sun-up to late in the evening every day. I don't really know the reason behind the week, but I gather it might be a sort of encouragement that if you can make it through the first grueling week, you will feel like you can survive the rest of the term. The very cool part of the week is the continual feasting they have on God's word, and we got to enjoy some of the over-flow of what they learned this week...they were so stuffed with the week that it just sort of 'oozed' out of them, and we enjoyed what they shared with us tonight. That is the blessing to us of hosting the boys over for dinner, we get to feast on the richness they enjoy during the week.

We served in Children's meeting today. Mostly it just seems like we survive somehow... The ages are 1st and 2nd grade, and they just seem to run us a little ragged. Tho, we are short on help most weeks, we are supposed to get more help next time we serve, which is every 4 weeks.

here is a little homeschool link love-

First, a blog I just found- Pockets of the Future, very interesting account of going back to living off the land...something I feel like I would like to do- and yet on cold winter days I realize what a wimp I am and know I probably would be miserable! But, this blog is very fascinating, educational and well-written. It is also a Charlotte Mason homeschooling style blog. I found her post on reading Farmer boy very thought-provoking and enjoyable...go read it.

and here, more Charlotte Mason subject- conference speakers to listen to over at
Childlight more thing to get to when I have a chance... The subject "training the intellect through literature" looks very, interesting. Let me know how you liked them if you listen to any...