notes from home

Different things happening around here,
Last week Josie and Sky had their piano recitals. They both performed excellently, Sky was very nervous... I know how difficult it is to play in front of others, poor guy- but he did great! Josie knew her piece by heart and played beautifully, we were so proud of her. Grandparents attended, as did my sister and my new niece.

Here is Sky concentrating- he did really well and you couldn't tell how nervous he was.

Once a month now we have some of the Bible School (called the Full time training) girls over for dinner, instead of the boys. We can't have them over at the same time, "no patty fingers in the holy water, if you please..." -hah! I love that quote and movie!!

Anyways, the girls had been trying to plan a good ole southern craw-fish fry...or whatever, but they failed to hunt up any live craw fish here in the OC, so oh joy! They brought over a live crab, instead! I wouldn't even know how to how
cook that, nor could I- It was alive! Luckily, Sky

knew just what to do and took care of it, I fled
the room till it was all over. And, I couldn't eat it...I love crab, but I couldn't eat it after it died in my kitchen. Amie and Demi-Sky were very entranced by the whole, live crustacean thing-and they dined very happily on him, too.

Here is a new chapter on "cooking with Jen"...
It was Sky's birthday, and he requested a spice cake. Here are some of the gathered ingredients...
It, unfortunately stuck to the pan...and here is
the sad result. And no, I didn't drop it!! Sky laughed and said it looked like I had...and then he took these photos because he thought this episode was blog-worthy...
the moral of the story is to get the cake out of the bundt
pan post-haste, because if you let it sit while you go out for some orange spiced chicken, this will likely be the result. umm, ummm...