good stuff: holiday gift ideas

We are all trying to finish up our shopping, aren't we? I am really appreciating shopping online this year, I really, really, really have no desire to brave the malls. Here are a few gifts and catalogs outside of the mainstream that are very nice.

Wolferman's - it's a catalog full of gourmet english muffins and other baked goods. You can order gift packages, towers, baskets- full of goodies to send to someone. I am ordering one for relatives I do not know well- you can find some nice packages just under $30- they go up from there too, of course.

Chinaberry- one of my all-time favorite catalogs, full of books and gifts. I love this catalog for the detailed and thoughtful descriptions of books, and superb taste in reading. Most of my reading comes from this catalog. I just ordered the Alpha Animals game from this catalog, after trying to get it the last 2 years- I always waited too late and they were sold out, I scored this year!

The Acacia catalog - kind of a "different" catalog, full of things to please a friend into yoga, natural living or thoughtful living...just kind of out there- in a serene sort of way. So, what do you buy for Nana who has everything?? Well, if she has 3 dogs she dresses up...I think this
"while you were gone" dvd might please her. (what will they think of next??)I also snagged some neat yoga socks for me...

happy shopping