I see little people

I wrote a week ago that Demi-Sky had a severe bout of asthma, he recovered fairly quickly but then Meg had asthma...and so it goes- I continue to sleep little.

Sunday night I determined to turn a new leaf, get to bed at a respectable hour and try to shake the endless tiredness I seem to live in. I really, really tried. After hosting the bible school boys for the evening, getting the kids to bed, starting some laundry and closing up the house...my head actually hit the pillow at midnight. I even took a tylenol pm to help sleep along, I am prone to lie awake thinking...

At 2 a.m. I woke up to find Meg and Amie standing next to my bed in the dark. Meg said to me, "Mom, Amie's covered in some brown stuff, it's all over her face and bed..."

I closed my eyes tight and began to repeat to myself "go to your happy place! Go to your happy place!, Go to your happy place!!!!"

It didn't work, when I opened my eyes, they were still standing there.

You can guess the rest, I'm sure. If you have kids, you can picture the rest in glorious scrubbing/laundry/bathing and bathing again after the second round-detail.

Lately it seems like the universe is trying to kick my trashcan.