"The way of salvation is to me a wide path, absolutely radiant with the glory of Him who shines upon it. I see my shortcomings; I see my sins; but I feel myself bathed, as it were, in the effulgent glow that proceeds directly from the throne of God and the Lamb."

-Elizabeth Prentiss, "Stepping Heavenward"

We spent today wrapping up unfinished school work, playing and visiting with friends, sleeping really, really late...I think we placed a new record there... laundry- a little, cleaning- a very little...I went back to my diet (except for the chips and cheese thing, and the scone for dinner!) ,quit my Princess diary habit- but didn't even think of doing anything remotely close to stretching. The self-actualization part was put in as a joke.... (Ha!! we all know the joke is on me, actually!!) I am so burnt out with schooling!!! my brain is melting...

A "to-do" list for tomorrow would look like the one in the last post, so I'll just put this down...

To do for tomorrow: