'cuz it's my party and I'll self destruct if I want to...

Help, I've fallen into a hopeless adolescent slothful calorie-packing deep pit of ambivalence. Yeah, whatever...

I need help.
I'm supposed to be on a diet, was doing really good..and now I am on this chocolate binge the likes I haven't seen in a long, long time. And cinnamon toast. And some chips with melted cheese would be really really good right now.
I'll be right back...

Here's the deep, dark confession part, my bloggy friends. I've been chain reading "The princess diaries" series. Which are surprisingly good, in a pre-adolescent, I- want- to- be- a -princess- too- and -get- the -guy-sort of way. I so need help. Just finished #3- and she finally got the guy. Whew!!
I think I am going to have to get the rest from the library tho, this could get expensive...

I'm feeling like a complete loser, because I have homeschool record-keeping to do, laundry is- well, undone...my house is a mess and I can't stop eating. I'm just saying...

To do list for tomorrow:

fold the laundry
go back on my diet
finish my homeschool stuff so I can wrap up my year
clean my house ...o.k. "straighten up" the house
pack healthy lunches for the kids, not stop for McDonalds
go to a park day and make new homeschool mom friends
put the teen lit down and pick up a classic...where's your dignity, woman??
self actualize
put down the carbs and do some yoga
look up the word ambiguous...