day at wild rivers...when the cat is away..

Today we spent the day at a local water park, something I have only done once with my older children for that matter- the two 'littles' had never been. Today was "homeschool day" at the park and so we ventured out with Orange County Sitcom mom and her two kids. We really had a nice time, the sunscreen worked horrible burns, and the day was warm but not miserable and the older girls were able to go off with OC mom's kids while I played with Demi and Amie.

I think I have almost arrived, in terms of enjoying my kids, enjoying some down-time and not being over-run by them. Almost. I didn't get to just sit and chat with OC mom, like I had imagined I would. I even brought a book with me to read...ha! Amie is still too little for me to not be right in there with her. She loved the wave pool, just loved it. I loved the fact they made the little kids wear life jackets for the wave pool, but I still had to be right there to haul her out when the waves got a little too big. Well, I am almost there. It was still relaxing, I wasn't chasing a runaway toddler around or anything, no diapers, no miserable missed naptimes.

It was a really good day, and I really enjoyed spending time with Demi and Amie.

Sky has been off on a week-long adventure to Washington State, and oh the adventures he's had! I'll have to post about it after he gets back, it will be better with photos, and dh is my tech guy-so no new uploads till he gets back.

The whole adventure story needs it's own song...something about 2 guys, a pet bunny, a u-haul, extreme mountain biking, extreme health foods, hunting accidents, and phone calls from sister's in law who somehow heard something and called to find out if he was dead..not to alarm me in the call-tho, she was just checking...
Yes, it needs a western song- I'm thinking...

Someone just end my misery...I am still faux-finishing my homeschool records. in last Friday. I've done little blogging because I should be working on records, but I have found all sorts of diversions to not work on them.
I'm ready to gouge my eyes out. okay, not quite. I'm ready to flop in my bed and loaf and pretend I don't have to do these. I cannot start enjoying my summer until I finish these. I have to finish these, my Educational advisor needs them. I have to finish these.
I. So. Have. To. Finish.

and yes, I'm blogging and not working on them right this very minute.
gotta go, bye...