day at our house, part II

This is the second part of a day at our house, which occurred on a Thursday. The first half of our day is *here*.

We had lunch around 12:30, and then Demi and Amie went back outside to play. I cleaned up the kitchen and put a load of laundry in the wash.

Meg practiced her violin for about 30 minutes and then she did some free reading.

I sat down and read *this book*
out-loud , while Meg practiced. (we are still deep into dragons around here!)

Josie began practicing her piano, I took Meg to her violin lesson. After she practiced Piano for 30 minutes, Josie played educational games on the computer. Demi and Amie listened to a storybook on tape from the library, and then went outside to work with dad in the backyard, he was now home from work.

After Meg and I returned from her violin lesson, (about 2:45)
I read aloud Gilgamesh the King-retold to all 4 kids. This will be part of our study from
Story of the World vol. 1- reading for tomorrow, and I wanted them to already be familiar with the Gilgamesh story. I plan to read the history chapter tomorrow and do any map or activity coloring pages tomorrow.

We then had a snack/free-reading break for about 15 minutes, and then we read a story from 50 famous stories retold (part of the Ambleside reading schedule) and all 4 kids narrated out loud after the story- beginning with the youngest and working our way up.

After that, the kids kind of scattered, I went outside with Demi and Amie to fill the bird-feeders.

While we were on the porch, Demi discovered a tiny, baby praying mantis. We looked around and found 5 more! We talked about praying mantises and looked for the egg case. Josie came out a took one to the garden. I came inside and went to the enchanted learning website to find a labeled coloring/fact sheet on praying mantises to print out for each kid.
-Instant science lesson!

At this point, were pretty much done with school for the day. The older girls continued reading library books that interested them, and then all 4 kids played outside with the neighbor kids.

I took Josie to her piano lesson which is at 5 p.m. We came home and had dinner.

I finished the night reading a fun book to Demi and Amie, "Detective Larue: letters from the investigation".

This is a typical, un-typical day at our house. Not all subjects were covered today, Thursday is actually our "lite" day, because of music lessons. I could have picked a busier day to wow you all, but I decided to be real with you all, my bloggy friends.