A day at our house -May

I know I have some non-homeschool readers, and occasionally people do a google search and end up here..so I thought I would share another typical, un-typical homeschool day.

We started the morning before breakfast, in our p.j.'s, playing with Meg's new birthday present- a squirrel call. We were very surprised to find out that it worked very well. We could only guess what the conversation involved, but on the squirrel's side, it sounded something like this.... *&##!$*&^^!!!!! (the squirrel is about 1 O'clock from Meg's head in the photo, hard to see.

Next, I went out to take photo's of Sky's garden, while Josie watered and fed the hens.

Here is the fort Demi and Amie built in our living room after breakfast, while I checked emails and got dressed. You know it's not good when they are too quiet...

After breakfast, getting dressed, and a few chores- such as straightening their rooms, making their beds, straightening up the bathroom, putting away the p.j.'s.... The two older girls sat down for 15 minutes of Bible devotional time. Then, we sat down for our "table time".

This is when we tackle the basics. My three students, ages 7, 10 and 12 work on handwriting, math, phonics (for the 7 year old) -these are all individual levels for each using Abeka curriculum. Today, Meg also worked on her grammar (abeka) -her work involved using an encyclopedia, and Josie worked in a writing skills workbook by Harcourt press.

Once Demi was done with his work, he grabbed a snack and went outside to play. Demi is finishing up Abeka K phonics, math and handwriting- we worked gently with him and took both his K and 1st grade year to go through this curriculum.

I then worked with Amie, who is 5 and does not officially start schooling until next fall. While Meg and Josie finish up their work, with occasional help and explanations from me, I do two pages with Amie from Developing the early learner vol. 1 workbook- a book that is part of Sonlight's preschool curriculum. After she is done, Amie goes out back to play with Demi.

Meg and Josie continue to work through their assignments for the day, I remain at the table helping. Once they are finished we have lunch, It is now about 12:30.
the rest of our day in the next post *Here*