confessions of a homeschool mom

It started out very innocently this time... I was over on this homeschool forum, and really- I have a legit reason to be there, since I have recently read *this book*, and I am using *this* history curriculum right now. How do these things really start? One cannot really pin-point the main reason why, or follow the sorry rabbit trail of homeschool forums, catalogs, and forum discussions in the wee hours of the night.

And so, I have ended up at this website. Go on over to tapestry of grace, homeschool friends, and take their new online tour following a few weeks of their classical, literary and history-based curriculum.

Gracefulmom, you've gotta talk me down here. I still have to finish my sonlight core before husband even lets me order something else! I think I need an intervention here...

...hello, my name is Jenny, and I am a curriculum junkie.

...there's a homeschool convention coming up, right???