Welcome to our world, little one

We have a new niece!! Her name is Emily, I think. At 5 pm it was Isabella, when we left the hospital at 9 pm. it was Emily. We will see if the name sticks tomorrow.

This is the grandkid #23 in Sky's family that we were all waiting for.

The neat part of this story, is that she has 3 older brothers and is the first girl for sister-in-law Bridgette.
The totally hilarious part of the story is that Bridgette traveled here to So. Ca from Central Ca to be here for the baby shower thrown in her honor. It's tomorrow afternoon. Her water broke this morning. And her husband was at home in Central Ca. She is hoping to blow the joint by tomorrow afternoon and take baby Emily to her own shower.
The typical part of the story is that various members of the family went out to eat in her honor. Because, that is just what we do. It's tradition, we like to eat together.

Welcome baby Emily! She is just beautiful, we held her minutes old. Bridgette's mom, sisters and a sister-in-law were all present for the birth, since her hubby had to miss it. Grandma got to cut the cord. Bridgette had a great labor, she made it look way too easy, didn't even break a sweat. While the Dr. took care of baby Emily, Bridgette ate...two dinners. Cuz, that is what we do...