It's not just me, computers are challenging

This is roll on the floor funny, at least to someone like myself. I really have a hard time with computers. Every month I do record keeping for our homeschool, and every month, Sky has to walk me through my "save as" dilemma. I make a record for one of the girls, and then attempt to copy it to a new file and then I delete learning that is different, keep what is the same. Every month I am unable to do it on my own and have to ask Sky. It is so bad, that as I go to save it, I get tense trying to remember how to do it, knowing I am not going to be able to do it. It took me a good 6 months to remember how to send a file over the internet. My sidebar, I am supposed to be able to change the photos in and out easily. I can't. I did the family photo on the bottom, somehow, but messed up the box underneath...and can't change out the ones on the top.

So, for those of you like me, I offer you this from youtube. You are not alone bloggy- computer- challenged friend. Found this at Chili's place, I don't know how she found this, but I am glad she did.