Iceland poppies across the street. Our neighbor's yard is famous for it's manicured look, and for his beautiful poppies every spring. I love looking out our front window and enjoying this view. We are so in the mood for spring here. I've set out two new bird feeders on our front porch, Sky is busy in his garden and I am busy requesting books from the library to enhance our spring-time enjoyment. We actually had some light rain last night and today.

Today was a relaxed, lazy day at home. I ran a few errands in the morning, picked up pizza for lunch as a treat for the kids. We had a little friend of Demi's over for the day, since his school was out for the holiday. After lunch I had school with the girls: math, handwriting, grammar. History read aloud time from our Sonlight schedule. Demi was off the hook because his friend was over. They spent the day over-indulging in game cube, out in the tree house in between rain showers, and over at our neighbor's house (she is a re-tired teacher, one of the most interesting ladies I know, and she enjoys having our kids over!!)

Sky was at home today, and spent the day with one of our bible school friends, Philip. He shuttled Philip around to his first day meetings, had lunch and hung out. Meg tried her hand at making peanut butter cookies, Josie read and I puttered with the computer. It's been a nice, slow at home sort of day.

We will end the day enjoying our cozy fire, Meg practicing her violin, Josie practicing her memory work, Sky enjoying his Bible, and me reading something history-ish to Demi and Amie.

Close your eyes

and do not peek

and I'll rub Spring

across your cheek-

smooth as satin,

soft and sleek-

close your eyes

and do not peek

-Aileen Fisher