Thursday Thirteen -Me in 2006

Thursday Thirteen #14
Me, stages of becoming in 2006

1. The very tail- end of this year began our biggest heartbreak, losing my father-in-law. We don't know how to do this.

2. This was the year that our heart friends suddenly moved away. We knew they were here temporarily-they came so the husband could attend Bible College, but then they stayed longer, and somehow we tricked ourselves into thinking they would always be with us. Our two families were such a perfect fit, they were truly kindred spirits and we miss them so much.

3. This was the year I began blogging. I had forgotten how much I love to write, and the blogging friends I have made have enriched my life. This busy homeschool mom of 4 needed a creative outlet, and I think I have found it.

4. I finally lost that baby weight- that I had lost after having my baby, and then gained back. I feel so much better!

5. I traveled to Ireland!! This was our first visit to anywhere in Europe. It was a wonderful experience, and we really want to go back.

6. We finally purchased a digital camera...scrapbooker that I am, you would think we would have gotten one years ago. Welcome to the 21st century!

7. We began hosting the full-time training brothers (bible college students) over for dinner on Sunday nights, what a blessing for us, and maybe something God is calling us to do.

8. Another year homeschooling. Yeah, I'm still here!!

9. I took guitar lessons for a few weeks over the summer, something I want to continue.

10. Severe exposure of my soul-ish-ness. (over and over again like a broken record) Realizing how much of me needs to die to self, so I can live Christ.

11. Some very sweet times spiritually, growing into God's fullness. More peace with where God wants me, what God wants of me, and where He has placed me. This did not come easily, and took most of the year..

12. Survived two big home-improvement projects completed by darling husband. A major block and wood sculptured fence and a new front porch.

13. Stopped suffering so I could finally write that opera... (Singing in the rain quote)

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(graphic courtesy of Cindi @ whispering in the wings)