latte addiction

Here is a picture from our bible conference week: pictured are full-time trainee (bible college student)Lisa from Texas, Louise from Ca, me, and Jill from Texas. We are at Starbucks, where we nursed and encouraged a very sad latte addiction.

Each day the conference begins at 4pm, you have to be in your seat at that time. We get our dinner break from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Almost everyone will bring their own dinner, or you can buy one there...the dinner break is really a perfect time span to eat your dinner, look for and visit friends from out of state or out of the country, maybe visit the bookstore and use the facilities. do these things really get started? Somehow, we began a tradition, these girlfriends and I, of jumping into my van and running down to starbucks, eating our dinner there and bringing back something good, warm, and full of caffeine. I do not drink coffee, usually at starbucks I will get a chai latte-but this week my indulgance of choice was a maple machiatto. Oh, sweet-heavenly yum! Long meeting? Not a problem here my friends! I was buzzing in my seat!

The last day of conference, the meetings each evening had gotten progressively longer and over-time, so at dinner they announced they were cutting dinner hour to end at 7pm so as to be able to cover everything they wanted to share with us. Now, we barely fit our nightly caffeine run comfortably into the dinner break-so after shaving off a half-hour...did we give up our starbuck's run? That would be a no. A sorry, pathetic, latte-addicted -no. We raced over, got our cup of comfort and went back. Made it to our seats barely in time. And had to eat our lunches there while everyone sang.
But, it was so worth it.