Lies homeschoolers believe-link

Cyndi over at mater magistra posted her thoughts on a book titled "Lies homeschool moms believe". I thought her post was very thoughtful and highlighted a problem all homeschool moms struggle with-for that matter all parents struggle with this at some point. Cyndi very accurately pointed out the prideful, smug feeling that overtakes us when our wonderful progeny are doing something stage worthy while the other mom's kid is banging his head on the floor or something. I am sure we have all been there at some point, not too proud to look back on!

As homeschoolers, our struggle with this, and the opposite problem of feeling like we don't measure up somehow to other homeschool families,-is a way too familiar struggle. Our family life is an organic life, it grows and changes. I actually do have some friends I do not get together with anymore because I no longer require "yes mom" answers from my kids. Tho the problem with that is more the friends, not my feelings of not measuring up...I would rather not deal with any disapproving/judgemental looks. I have more important things to worry about, and not enough energy to deal with feeling bad over it! But it is kind of sad, the fellowship we miss out on because of divisions, misunderstandings, lack of grace like this.

I would encourage you to go on over to Cyndi's blog and read her post here. And leave a note that you stopped by.