Meme love and bloggy link love...

I've been tagged! Factor 10 over at Did you ever get the feeling... has tagged me for this meme:

6 weird things about me

1. I have cold hands. My hands assume the temperature of the room around me. I wear gloves alot, specially in church where they run the air conditioner too freely... I have a protein in my blood that coagulates the blood in the tips of my fingers. Just something that makes me, me. Sure makes it interesting trying to change a baby's diaper at 2 a.m. in winter, with as little contact as possible.

2. I live in my own time zone. This special relationship with time results in confusing terminology of my own making, such as replying when asked what time it is, "It's half-past..." my husband who knows this about me, then is wise to ask-"half-past what?" my reply is usually something like "half-past till the time we are supposed to be there." which translates to 9:45...of course!

3. I have to have a towel hanging in the shower to dry off my face many times. I hate to have a wet face in the shower.

4. I can have a piece of Godiva Chocolate cheesecake for breakfast-with a diet coke, of course! and still think I am on a diet-since I only ate the second half from the night before.

5. I am a very conservative, Christian homeschool mom who doesn't read racy stuff, or watch racy movies, I'm pretty low key, yet for some reason I find Absolutely Fabulous (British show) hilarious. I used to have several episodes on video, but threw them out in a fit of guilt.

6. I love to buy blank fabric journals but never write in them. I just keep buying them. I did recognize this as a problem and switched my impulse over to scrapbook paper, which is a less expensive habit. You should see all the paper I have...

now I tag Amy at Experience Imagination, Kelly at A Spacious Place and
Jeana at Days to Come and of course anyone else who would like to play please do and let me know in the comments.

And now a little bloggy link love,

Jeana at Days to come is having a give-away, and because I like discount coupons, I will give her a mention here so hopefully I will have extra cheater chances at winning.
Also, she has started another blog specifically about homeschooling- called Red letter days. go on over and check her out!