Books enjoyed in November

thought I would share a few books we have enjoyed...
First, I have to share the one about chickens, of course!
The Problem with chickens by Bruce McMillan is a very cute, humorous story about village women in Iceland who bring in a flock of chickens for eggs. What happens when those cheeky chickens stop laying eggs and spend their time thinking they are ladies? The village women decide, "we have a problem". Their solution is unique. The illustrations are very folk lore-ish and beautiful. The pictures of the chickens being busy made me laugh, having my own chickens and having observed the same manners on mine...

The Berenstain Bears' big book of Science and nature is a book we have taken our time with. It is part of Sonlight's curriculum. I actually do not allow the Berenstain bears other books or videos into our house, I find them rude, depicting meanness between siblings and disrespect towards dad. I did go ahead and order this book however, because Sonlight commented in their catalog that they did not recommend others in this series. I decided they must have the same feelings I do about the Berenstain bears in general and that this book must be unobjectable. We have really enjoyed it, Demi loves to have me read it to him, loves all the different meandering illustrations and the rhyming text. It is not deep with factual information, but provides a good introduction to nature and offers a sweet love of reading experience.

When Autumn comes by Robert Mass is rich in beautiful fall photographs. The pictures are a visual treat and a great conversation starter on the topics of leaves, weather changes and seasons. I know most of the country is experiencing snow right now, but here in California it is still fall-and so this book is a very fitting treat.

N.C. Wyeth's Pilgrims is rich in beautiful paintings. We have enjoyed several books on Thanksgiving which were more factual, but for beauty this book is first class. I used this book as a subject for art, not history. We have a Wyeth print in the house and I enjoyed letting the children compare the works.